Amazing first 6 months

Truespin Records has now be up for just over 6 months and we couldn’t have dreamed the response and following we have gotten .

We would like to thanks all of our friends and family for the support and we cant forget the fans too ,

New news from Truespin ,now added Aaron Olson and Trevor Hobbs to the team because of such a rapid expansion  .

Also website changes and updates , new online ordering for merchandise  coming soon and as always fresh new beats from around the world .

We are proud to have  artists from   Canada, U.S.A. , Brazil , England , Germany , Russia , Mexico , Iran and more .

Now promoting Events in Canada ( Alberta , B.C , Saskatchewan , Manitoba )  also in England and soon to be Spain .

Thank you to everyone and wait till you see whats next .

please contact for any questions.


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